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Soma Cube

The Soma Cube is a solid dissection puzzle that was invented by Danish architect Piet Hein in 1933. It became famous after it was popularized by Martin Gardner, the Mathematical Games columnist for Scientific American.


   L 165 × W 62 × H 18 mm

   pear wood or walnut or yew

   48 €
The basic Soma cube problem is to assemble the seven Soma pieces into a cube. There are 240 essentially distinct ways of doing so.

This was first determined ‘one rainy afternoon in 1961’   by J. H. Conway and Mike Guy and had since been verified by many computer programs.

The puzzle can be used to help develop skills in visualizing spatial relationships.
The Soma cube’s popularity grows from the enormous variety of pleasing shapes that can be made with its pieces and from the many clever ways of proving that certain 27-cube shapes are impossible.
Rocker Blotter on a Stand

We respect agreements, also the verbal ones.
Contracts are signed with a wet blue ink signature. The paper is blotted with a rocker blotter.

The blotter is placed on a stand that has a place for one fountain pen on each side.

   L 27 × W 20 × H 11 cm

   pear wood or walnut

   150 €



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